Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 35(4)

35(4), 2001

Research articles

Sylvie Mussche, Roeland Samson, Lieven Nachtergale, An De Schrijver, Raoul Lemeur & Noël Lust: A comparison of optical and direct methods for monitoring the seasonal dynamics of leaf area index in deciduous forests / Abstract / Full text

Anneli Viherä-Aarnio & Pirkko Velling: Micropropagated silver birches (Betula pendula) in the field – performance and clonal differences / Abstract / Full text

Jouni Siipilehto: Effect of weed control with fibre mulches and herbicides on the initial development of spruce, birch and aspen seedlings on abandoned farmland / Abstract / Full text

Hans W. Linderholm: Climatic influence on Scots pine growth on dry and wet soils in the central Scandinavian mountains, interpreted from tree-ring width / Abstract / Full text

Kevin Boston & Pete Bettinger: Development of spatially feasible forest plans: a comparison of two modeling approaches / Abstract / Full text

Matti Maltamo & Kalle Eerikäinen: The Most Similar Neighbour reference in the yield prediction of Pinus kesiya stands in Zambia / Abstract / Full text

Susanna Sironen, Annika Kangas, Matti Maltamo & Jyrki Kangas: Estimating individual tree growth with the k-nearest neighbour and k-Most Similar Neighbour methods / Abstract / Full text

Henrik Heräjärvi: Technical properties of mature birch (Betula pendula and B. pubescens) for saw milling in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Kari Kangas & Pasi Markkanen: Factors affecting participation in wild berry picking by rural and urban dwellers / Abstract / Full text

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