Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 35(3)

35(3), 2001

Research articles

Hans Fredrik Hoen, Tron Eid & Petter Økseter: Timber production possibilities and capital yields from the Norwegian forest area / Abstract / Full text

Ralph Alig, Darius Adams, John Mills, Richard Haynes, Peter Ince & Robert Moulton: Alternative projections of the impacts of private investment on southern forests: a comparison of two large-scale forest sector models of the United States / Abstract / Full text

Meinrad Rohner & Klaus Böswald: Forestry development scenarios: timber production, carbon dynamics in tree biomass and forest values in Germany / Abstract / Full text

Tuula Nuutinen & Seppo Kellomäki: A comparison of three modelling approaches for large-scale forest scenario analysis in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Erkki Tomppo, Kari T. Korhonen, Juha Heikkinen & Hannu Yli-Kojola: Multi-source inventory of the forests of the Hebei Forestry Bureau, Heilongjiang, China / Abstract / Full text

Marjut Ihalainen & Timo Pukkala: Modelling cowberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) and bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) yields from mineral soils and peatlands on the basis of visual field estimates / Abstract / Full text

Pekka Mäkinen: Competitive strategies applied by Finnish timber carriers following deregulation / Abstract / Full text

Anna Saarsalmi, Eino Mälkönen & Sirpa Piirainen: Effects of wood ash fertilization on forest soil chemical properties / Abstract / Full text

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