Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 35(2)

35(2), 2001

Research articles

Qibin Yu: Can physiological and anatomical characters be used for selecting high yielding hybrid aspen clones? / Abstract / Full text

Marja-Liisa Juntunen: Use of pesticides in Finnish forest nurseries in 1996 / Abstract / Full text

Anneli Jalkanen: The probability of moose damage at the stand level in southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Walter Zucchini, Matthias Schmidt & Klaus von Gadow: A model for the diameter-height distribution in an uneven-aged beech forest and a method to assess the fit of such models / Abstract / Full text

Kenneth Nyström & Göran Ståhl: Forecasting probability distributions of forest yield allowing for a Bayesian approach to management planning / Abstract / Full text

Sakari Tuominen & Simo Poso: Improving multi-source forest inventory by weighting auxiliary data sources / Abstract / Full text

Annika Kangas, Jyrki Kangas & Jouni Pykäläinen: Outranking methods as tools in strategic natural resources planning / Abstract / Full text

A. Maarit I. Kallio: Interdependence of the sawlog, pulpwood and sawmill chip markets: an oligopsony model with an application to Finland / Abstract / Full text

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