Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 35(1)

35(1), 2001

Research articles

Chun-Jiang Liu, Carl J. Westman & Hannu Ilvesniemi: Matter and nutrient dynamics of pine (Pinus tabulaeformis) and oak (Quercus variabilis) litter in North China / Abstract / Full text

Qibin Yu, P.M.A. Tigerstedt & Matti Haapanen: Growth and phenology of hybrid aspen clones (Populus tremula L. x Populus tremuloides Michx.) / Abstract / Full text

Ricardo Alía, Javier Moro-Serrano & Eduardo Notivol: Genetic variability of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) provenances in Spain: growth traits and survival / Abstract / Full text

Teijo Nikkanen: Reproductive phenology in a Norway spruce seed orchard / Abstract / Full text

Kari Minkkinen, Jukka Laine & Hannu Hökkä: Tree stand development and carbon sequestration in drained peatland stands in Finland – a simulation study / Abstract / Full text

Dan Glöde & Ulf Sikström: Two felling methods in final cutting of shelterwood, single-grip harvester productivity and damage to the regeneration / Abstract / Full text

Paul C. Van Deusen: Scheduling spatial arrangement and harvest simultaneously / Abstract / Full text

Pekka Leskinen & Jyrki Kangas: Modelling future timber price development by using expert judgments and time series analysis / Abstract / Full text

Jurkka Kuusipalo: Plastic coating of plywood using extrusion technique / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Jouni Partanen, Ilkka Leinonen & Tapani Repo: Effect of accumulated duration of the light period on bud burst in Norway spruce (Picea abies) of varying ages / Abstract / Full text

Aleksei Fedorkov: Climatic adaptation of seed maturity in Scots pine and Norway spruce populations / Abstract / Full text

Discussion papers

Risto Päivinen & Perttu Anttila: How reliable is a satellite forest inventory? / Addresses / Full text

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