Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 34(2)

34(2), 2000

Forestry Scenario Modelling in Risk Analysis and Management

Research articles

Tron Eid: Use of uncertain inventory data in forestry scenario models and consequential incorrect harvest decisions / Abstract / Full text

Marcus Lindner, Petra Lasch & Markus Erhard: Alternative forest management strategies under climatic change – prospects for gap model applications in risk analyses / Abstract / Full text

Manfred J. Lexer, Karl Hönninger, Helfried Scheifinger, Christoph Matulla, Nikolaus Groll & Helga Kromp-Kolb: The sensitivity of central European mountain forests to scenarios of climatic change: methodological frame for a large-scale risk assessment / Abstract / Full text

Tuula Nuutinen, Hannu Hirvelä, Jari Hynynen, Kari Härkönen, Hannu Hökkä, Kari T. Korhonen & Olli Salminen: The role of peatlands in Finnish wood production – an analysis based on large-scale forest scenario modelling / Abstract / Full text

Hirofumi Kuboyama & Hiroyasu Oka: Climate risks and age-related damage probabilities – effects on the economically optimal rotation length for forest stand management in Japan / Abstract / Full text

Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Mart-Jan Schelhaas & Ari Pussinen: Validation of the European Forest Information Scenario Model (EFISCEN) and a projection of Finnish forests / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Klaus von Gadow: Evaluating risk in forest planning models / Abstract / Full text

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