Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 33(4)

33(4), 1999

Research articles

Tapio Linkosalo: Regularities and patterns in the spring phenology of some boreal trees / Abstract / Full text

Sauli Härkönen: Forest damage caused by the Canadian beaver (Castor canadensis) in South Savo, Finland / Abstract / Full text

Tord Johansson: Biomass production of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) growing on abandoned farmland / Abstract / Full text

Jouni Siipilehto: Improving the accuracy of predicted basal-area diameter distribution in advanced stands by determining stem number / Abstract / Full text

Annika S. Kangas & Jyrki Kangas: Optimization bias in forest management planning solutions due to errors in forest variables / Abstract / Full text

M.J. Youngman, G.D. Kulasiri, I.M. Woodhead & G.D. Buchan: Use of combined constant rate and diffusion model to simulate kiln-drying of Pinus radiata timber / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Desta Fekedulegn, Mairitin P. Mac Siurtain & Jim J. Colbert: Parameter estimation of nonlinear growth models in forestry / Abstract / Full text

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