Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 33(3)

33(3), 1999

Research articles

Margus Pensa & Risto Jalkanen: Needle chronologies on Pinus sylvestris in northern Estonia and southern Finland / Abstract / Full text

Raija-Liisa Petäistö: Growth phase of bare-root Scots pine seedlings and their susceptibility to Gremmeniella abietina / Abstract / Full text

Klaus Silfverberg & Markus Hartman: Effects of different phosphorus fertilisers on the nutrient status and growth of Scots pine stands on drained peatlands / Abstract / Full text

Paul C. Van Deusen: Multiple solution harvest scheduling / Abstract / Full text

Muru Juurola, Pekka Ollonqvist, Heikki Pajuoja & Mikko Toropainen: Outcomes of forest improvement work in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Anneli Viherä-Aarnio & Pirkko Velling: Growth and stem quality of mature birches in a combined species and progeny trial / Abstract / Full text

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