Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 32(4)

32(4), 1998

Research articles

Rimvydas Vasiliauskas & Jan Stenlid: Spread of Stereum sanguinolentum vegetative compatibility groups within a stand and within stems of Picea abies / Abstract / Full text

Lauri Palva, Eero Garam, Sari Palmroth, Raimo Sepponen & Pertti Hari: Utilizing a multipoint measuring system of photosynthetically active radiation in photosynthetic studies within canopies / Abstract / Full text

Tuula Aalto: Carbon dioxide exchange of Scots pine shoots as estimated by a biochemical model and cuvette field measurements / Abstract / Full text

Per Linder, Peter Jonsson & Mats Niklasson: Tree mortality after prescribed burning in an old-growth Scots pine forest in northern Sweden / Abstract / Full text

Erik Sundström: Afforestation of low-productive peatlands in Sweden – a tree species comparison / Abstract / Full text

Pekka Leskinen & Jyrki Kangas: Analysing uncertainties of interval judgment data in multiple-criteria evaluation of forest plans / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Ian A. Nalder & Ross W. Wein: A new forest floor corer for rapid sampling, minimal disturbance and adequate precision / Abstract / Full text

Hans-Örjan Nohrstedt & Gunnar Börjesson: Respiration in a forest soil 27 years after fertilization with different doses of urea / Abstract / Full text

Discussion papers

Sakari Mykrä & Sami Kurki: ESC-strategy for rational operationalization of forest biodiversity maintenance in Finland / Addresses / Full text

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