Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 32(3)

32(3), 1998

Research articles

Virpi Palomäki, Alpo Hassinen, Matti Lemettinen, Timo Oksanen, Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari, Jarmo Holopainen, Seppo Kellomäki & Toini Holopainen: Open-top chamber fumigation system for exposure of field grown Pinus sylvestris to elevated carbon dioxide and ozone concentration / Abstract / Full text

Guangxing Wang, Simo Poso, Mark-Leo Waite & Markus Holopainen: The use of digitized aerial photographs and local operation for classification of stand development classes / Abstract / Full text

Peer-reviewed articles of the pre-IUFRO XX World Congress Meeting 'Afforestation of First Rotation Sites':

Anders Karlsson, Arne Albrektson, Anders Forsgren & Lennart Svensson: An analysis of successful natural regeneration of downy and silver birch on abandoned farmland in Sweden / Abstract / Full text

H.M. McKay: Root electrolyte leakage and root growth potential as indicators of spruce and larch establishment / Abstract / Full text

S.P. Sah, I.C. Dutta & M.S. Haque: Nursery and field response of sissoo plants (Dalbergia sissoo) to Rhizobium inoculation / Abstract / Full text

Jean Yves Fraysse & Loïc Crémière: Nursery factors influencing containerized Pinus pinaster seedlings’ initial growth / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Janusz B. Zwolinski, David B. South & E.A.P. Droomer: Pine mortality after planting on post-agricultural lands in South Africa / Abstract / Full text

John A. Stanturf, Callie J. Schweitzer & Emile S. Gardiner: Afforestation of marginal agricultural land in the Lower Mississippi River Alluvial Valley, U.S.A. / Abstract / Full text

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