Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 32(2)

32(2), 1998

Research articles

Erik W. Andersson, Kostas A. Spanos, Timothy J. Mullin & Dag Lindgren: Phenotypic selection compared to restricted combined index selection for many generations / Abstract / Full text

Bengt Persson: Will climate change affect the optimal choice of Pinus sylvestris provenances? / Abstract / Full text

Jacek Oleksyn, Mark G. Tjoelker & Peter B. Reich: Adaptation to changing environment in Scots pine populations across a latitudinal gradient / Abstract / Full text

Eero Mattila: Use of satellite and field information in a forest damage survey of eastern Finnish Lapland in 1993 / Abstract / Full text

Review articles

Erik G. Ståhl: Changes in wood and stem properties of Pinus sylvestris caused by provenance transfer / Abstract / Full text

Gösta Eriksson: Evolutionary forces influencing variation among populations of Pinus sylvestris / Abstract / Full text

Marja-Leena Päätalo: Factors influencing occurrence and impacts of fires in northern European forests / Abstract / Full text

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