Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 32(1)

32(1), 1998

Research articles

Jukka Lippu: Redistribution of 14C-labelled reserve carbon in Pinus sylvestris seedlings during shoot elongation / Abstract / Full text

Kari Pasanen: Integrating variation in tree growth into forest planning / Abstract / Full text

Kalle Kärhä & Sami Oinas: Satisfaction and company loyalty as expressed by non-industrial private forest owners towards timber procurement organizations in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Heimo Karppinen: Values and objectives of non-industrial private forest owners in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Riitta H. Hänninen: Exchange rate changes and the Finnish sawnwood demand and price in the UK market / Abstract / Full text

Antrei Lausti & Markku Penttinen: The analysis of return and its components of non-industrial private forest ownership by forestry board districts in Finland / Abstract / Full text

Research notes

Timo Kurkela & Heikki Nuorteva: Short-needle disease of Scots pine: an abnormal needle length distribution / Abstract / Full text

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