Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 31(4)

31(4), 1997

Research articles

Seppo Kaunisto & Tytti Sarjala: Critical needle potassium concentrations indicated by diamine putrescine in Norway spruce growing on peat soils / Abstract

Leena Finér & Mika Nieminen: Dry mass and the amounts of nutrients in understorey vegetation before and after fertilization on a drained pine bog / Abstract

Tommi Ruha & Martti Varmola: Precommercial thinning in naturally regenerated Scots pine stands in northern Finland / Abstract

Timo Pukkala, Jyrki Kangas, Matleena Kniivilä & Anne-Mari Tiainen: Integrating forest-level and compartment-level indices of species diversity with numerical forest planning / Abstract

Janne Uuttera & Harri Hyppänen: Relationship between forest management planning units and spatial distribution of forest habitat components in Koli National Park / Abstract

Review articles

Markku Tykkyläinen, Pentti Hyttinen & Ari Mononen: Theories on regional development and their relevance to the forest sector / Abstract

Research notes

Dimitris Athanassiadis: Residual stand damage following cut-to-length harvesting operations with a farm tractor in two conifer stands / Abstract

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