Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 31(3)

31(3), 1997

Functional-Structural Tree Models

Research articles

Christine Deleuze & François Houllier: A transport model for tree ring width / Abstract

Harry T. Valentine: Height growth, site index, and carbon metabolism / Abstract

Hervé Sinoquet, Pierre Rivet & Christophe Godin: Assessment of the three-dimensional architecture of walnut trees using digitising / Abstract

Thomas Früh: Simulation of water flow in the branched tree architecture / Abstract

Winfried Kurth & Branislav Sloboda: Growth grammars simulating trees – an extension of L-systems incorporating local variables and sensitivity / Abstract

Philippe de Reffye, Thierry Fourcaud, Frédéric Blaise, Daniel Barthélémy & François Houllier: A functional model of tree growth and tree architecture / Abstract

Séverine Le Dizès, Pierre Cruiziat, André Lacointe, Hervé Sinoquet, Xavier Le Roux, Philippe Balandier & Patrick Jacquet: A model for simulating structure-function relationships in walnut tree growth processes / Abstract

Risto Sievänen, Eero Nikinmaa & Jari Perttunen: Evaluation of importance of sapwood senescence on tree growth using the model LIGNUM / Abstract

Review articles

John H. M. Thornley: Modelling allocation with transport/conversion processes / Abstract

Christophe Godin, Evelyne Costes & Yves Caraglio: Exploring plant topological structure with the AMAPmod software: an outline / Abstract

Research notes

Annikki Mäkelä, Petteri Vanninen & Veli-Pekka Ikonen: An application of process-based modelling to the development of branchiness in Scots pine / Abstract

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