Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 31(2)

31(2), 1997

Research articles

Mikko Peltonen, Kari Heliövaara & Rauno Väisänen: Forest insects and environmental variation in stand edges / Abstract

Mika Jääskelä, Mikko Peltonen, Hannu Saarenmaa & Kari Heliövaara: Comparison of protection methods of pine stacks against Tomicus piniperda / Abstract

Andrew P. Robinson, Timothy G. Gregoire & Harry T. Valentine: Cut-off importance sampling of bole volume / Abstract

Hannu Hökkä, Virpi Alenius & Timo Penttilä: Individual-tree basal area growth models for Scots pine, pubescent birch and Norway spruce on drained peatlands in Finland / Abstract

Teijo Palander: A local DLP-GIS-LP system for geographically decentralized wood procurement planning and decision making / Abstract

Review articles

Marja-Leena Nykänen, Heli Peltola, Christopher Quine, Seppo Kellomäki & Marianne Broadgate: Factors affecting snow damage of trees with particular reference to European conditions / Abstract

Pertti Harstela: Decision support systems in wood procurement. A review / Abstract

Research notes

Anne Toppinen: Testing for Granger-causality in the Finnish roundwood market / Abstract

Book reviews

Pentti Hakkila: Peter Koch. 1996. Lodgepole pine in North America. Volumes I, II and III / Addresses

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