Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 31(1)

31(1), 1997

Research articles

Matti Haapanen, Pirkko Velling & Marja-Leena Annala: Progeny trial estimates of genetic parameters for growth and quality traits in Scots pine / Abstract

Pekka E. Kauppi, Maximilian Posch, Pekka Hänninen, Helena M. Henttonen, Antti Ihalainen, Eino Lappalainen, Michael Starr & Pekka Tamminen: Carbon reservoirs in peatlands and forests in the boreal regions of Finland / Abstract

Paola Virgilietti & Joseph Buongiorno: Modeling forest growth with management data: A matrix approach for the Italian Alps / Abstract

Harri Mäkinen: Possibilities of competition indices to describe competitive differences between Scots pine families / Abstract

Matti Maltamo: Comparing basal area diameter distributions estimated by tree species and for the entire growing stock in a mixed stand / Abstract

Timo Tokola & Juho Heikkilä: Improving satellite image based forest inventory by using a priori site quality information / Abstract

Review articles

Arja Lilja, Sakari Lilja, Timo Kurkela & Risto Rikala: Nursery practices and management of fungal diseases in forest nurseries in Finland. A review / Abstract

Gregory S. Amacher: The design of forest taxation: A synthesis with new directions / Abstract

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