Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 30(4)

30(4), 1996

Research articles

Tytti Sarjala & Seppo Kaunisto: Effect of different potassium sources on the seasonal variation of potassium and free polyamines in Scots pine needles / Abstract

Reijo Penttilä & Heikki Kotiranta: Short-term effects of prescribed burning on wood-rotting fungi / Abstract

Pekka Punttila & Yrjö Haila: Colonisation of a burned forest by ants in the southern Finnish boreal forest / Abstract

Tord Johansson: Site index curves for European aspen (Populus tremula L.) growing on forest land of different soils in Sweden / Abstract

Esa-Jussi Viitala: Assessing the effectiveness of non-profit forestry organisations: An ultimate goal approach / Abstract

Research notes

Anne Toppinen, Susanna Laaksonen & Riitta Hänninen: Dynamic forecasting model for the Finnish pulp export price / Abstract

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