Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 30(2–3)

30(2–3), 1996

Climate Change, Biodiversity and Boreal Forest Ecosystems

Part I Climate change

Research articles

Mika Aurela, Tuomas Laurila & Juha-Pekka Tuovinen: Measurements of O3, CO2 and H2O fluxes over a Scots pine stand in eastern Finland by the micrometeorological eddy covariance method / Abstract

F.G. Hall, P.J. Sellers & D.L. Williams: Initial results from the boreal ecosystem-atmosphere experiment, BOREAS / Abstract

Virpi Palomäki, Kaisa Laitinen, Toini Holopainen & Seppo Kellomäki: First-year results on the effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 and O3 concentrations on needle ultrastructure and gas exchange responses of Scots pine saplings / Abstract

Oddvar Skre & Knut Nes: Combined effects of elevated winter temperatures and CO2 on Norway spruce seedlings / Abstract

Jonathan J. Ruel & Matthew P. Ayres: Variation in temperature responses among populations of Betula papyrifera / Abstract

Ilkka Leinonen, Tapani Repo & Heikki Hänninen: Testing of frost hardiness models for Pinus sylvestris in natural conditions and in elevated temperature / Abstract

Tarmo Virtanen, Seppo Neuvonen, Ari Nikula, Martti Varama & Pekka Niemelä: Climate change and the risks of Neodiprion sertifer outbreaks on Scots pine / Abstract

Päivi Lyytikäinen, Pirjo Kainulainen, Anne Nerg, Seppo Neuvonen, Tarmo Virtanen & Jarmo K. Holopainen: Performance of pine sawflies under elevated tropospheric ozone / Abstract

Robert A. Monserud, Nadja M. Tchebakova, Tatyana P. Kolchugina & Olga V. Denissenko: Change in Siberian phytomass predicted for global warming / Abstract

Dina I. Nazimova & N.P. Polikarpov: Forest zones of Siberia as determined by climatic zones and their possible transformation trends under global change / Abstract

Vadim V. Gorshkov, Irene J. Bakkal & Natalie I. Stavrova: Postfire recovery of forest litter in Scots pine forests in two different regions of boreal zone / Abstract

Jouko Silvola & Urpo Ahlholm: Effects of CO2 concentration on the nutrition of willows (Salix phylicifolia) grown at different nutrient levels in organic-rich soil / Abstract

Heikki Hänninen, Ilkka Leinonen, Tapani Repo & Seppo Kellomäki: Overwintering and productivity of Scots pine in a changing climate / Abstract

Egbert Beuker, Marja Kolström & Seppo Kellomäki: Changes in wood production of Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris under a warmer climate: comparison of field measurements and results of a mathematical model / Abstract

Ari Talkkari: Regional predictions concerning the effects of climate change on forests in southern Finland / Abstract

Malle Mandre, Hardi Tullus, Vaike Reisner & Jaan Klõseiko: Assessment of CO2 fluxes and effects of possible climate changes on forests in Estonia / Abstract

Anssi Niskanen, Olli Saastamoinen & Tapio Rantala: Economic impacts of carbon sequestration in reforestation: examples from boreal and moist tropical conditions / Abstract

Review articles

R.A. Fleming: A mechanistic perspective of possible influences of climate change on defoliating insects in North America's boreal forests / Abstract

Discussion papers

Renaat S.A.R. van Rompaey: Need for integrated policy oriented national research programmes: the second phase (1995–2001) of the Dutch National Research Programme on Global Air Pollution and Climate Change NRP / Addresses

Part II Biodiversity

Research articles

John C. Brissette: Effects of intensity and frequency of harvesting on abundance, stocking and composition of natural regeneration in the Acadian forest of eastern North America / Abstract

Timo Kuuluvainen, Antti Penttinen, Kari Leinonen & Markku Nygren: Statistical opportunities for comparing stand structural heterogeneity in managed and primeval forests: an example from boreal spruce forest in southern Finland / Abstract

Vadim V. Gorshkov & Irene J. Bakkal: Species richness and structure variations of Scots pine forest communities during the period from 5 to 210 years after fire / Abstract

Review articles

Anton K. Chtchoukine: North European platyphyllous forests: biodiversity dynamics and climate changes in northwest European Russia / Abstract

Jari Parviainen: Impact of fire on Finnish forest in the past and today / Abstract

Valentin Strakhov & Anatoly Pisarenko: Development and utilization of Russian forest resources / Abstract

Discussion papers

Jari Parviainen: Tasks of forest biodiversity management and monitoring deriving from international agreements / Addresses

Nigel Dudley, Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud & Adam Markham: Conservation in boreal forests under conditions of climate change / Addresses

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