Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 29(3)

29(3), 1995

Research articles

Timo J. Hokkanen, Erkki Järvinen & Timo Kuuluvainen: Properties of top soil and the relationship between soil and trees in a boreal Scots pine stand / Abstract

Klaus Silfverberg: Forest regeneration on nutrient-poor peatlands: Effects of fertilization, mounding and sowing / Abstract

Kari Tuomela & Markku Kanninen: Effects of vapour pressure deficit and soil water content on leaf water potential between selected provenances of Eucalyptus microtheca in an irrigated plantation, eastern Kenya / Abstract

Jari Hynynen: Predicting the growth response to thinning for Scots pine stands using individual-tree growth models / Abstract

Research notes

Carl Johan Westman: A simple device for sampling of volumetric forest soil cores / Abstract

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