Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 29(2)

29(2), 1995

Research articles

Kari Leinonen & Hannu Rita: Interaction of prechilling, temperature, osmotic stress, and light in Picea abies seed germination / Abstract

Jyrki Hytönen: Effect of repeated fertilizer application on the nutrient status and biomass production of Salix ’Aquatica’ plantations on cut-away peatland areas / Abstract

Jyrki Hytönen, Anna Saarsalmi & Pekka Rossi: Biomass production and nutrient uptake of short-rotation plantations / Abstract

Liisa Saarenmaa & Timo Leppälä: Fill-in seedlings in constituting the stocking of Scots pine stands in northern Finland / Abstract

Annika Kangas & Kari T. Korhonen: Generalizing sample tree information with semiparametric and parametric models / Abstract

Simo Poso & Mark-Leo Waite: Calculation and comparison of different permanent sample plot types / Abstract

Mauno Pesonen, Petri Räsänen & Arto Kettunen: Modelling non-industrial private forest landowners’ strategic decision making by using logistic regression and neural networks: Case of predicting the choice of forest taxation basis / Abstract

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