Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 28(4)

28(4), 1994

Adaptation of Tree Breeding to Changing Circumstances and Demands

Research articles

Hyun Kang, Inger Ekberg, Gösta Eriksson & Johan Ununger: Second and third growth period responses of Picea abies families to first growth period photoperiodic, light intensity and temperature treatments / Abstract

Roar Skuterud & Jon Dietrichson: Budburst in detached birch shoots (Betula pendula) of different varieties winter-stored in darkness at three different temperatures / Abstract

Mats Hannerz: Predicting the risk of frost occurrence after budburst of Norway spruce in Sweden / Abstract

Anu Mattila, Anne Pakkanen, Pekka Vakkari & Juha Raisio: Genetic variation in English oak (Quercus robur) in Finland / Abstract

Anneli Viherä-Aarnio & Leena Ryynänen: Seed production of micropropagated plants, grafts and seedlings of birch in a seed orchard / Abstract

Review articles

Tore Skrøppa: Impacts of tree improvement on genetic structure and diversity of planted forests / Abstract

Anders Persson: How genotype and silviculture interact in forming timber properties / Abstract

Research notes

Anneli Viherä-Aarnio: Performance of micropropagated plants of silver birch (Betula pendula) in a field trial / Abstract

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