Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 28(3)

28(3), 1994

Research articles

Jukka Lippu: Patterns of dry matter partitioning and 14C-photosynthate allocation in 1.5-year-old Scots pine seedlings / Abstract

Anna Saarsalmi, Eira-Maija Savonen, Teijo Nikkanen, Erkki Lipas & Jouni Mikola: Effect of fertilization on flowering and seed crop in Scots pine seed orchards / Abstract

Anneli Viherä-Aarnio & Anna Saarsalmi: Growth and nutrition of willow clones / Abstract

Anu Honkanen: Selection of Salix myrsinifolia clones for biomass forestry in Finland / Abstract

Reijo Solantie: Effect of weather and climatological background on snow damage of forests in Southern Finland in November 1991 / Abstract

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