Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 28(2)

28(2), 1994

Research articles

Timo Karjalainen, Seppo Kellomäki & Ari Pussinen: Role of wood-based products in absorbing atmospheric carbon / Abstract

Raisa Mäkipää: Effects of nitrogen fertilization on the humus layer and ground vegetation under closed canopy in boreal coniferous stands / Abstract

Kari J. Jokinen & Don J. Durzan: Properties of rescued embryonal suspensor masses of Norway spruce determined by the genotype and the environment in vitro / Abstract

Juha Kaitera & Risto Jalkanen: Old and fresh Gremmeniella abietina damage on Scots pine in eastern Lapland in 1992 / Abstract

Akmal S. Hyder, Lars Lönnstedt & Markku Penttinen: Outline of accounting for non-industrial private woodlots / Abstract

Research notes

Juha Kaitera & Risto Jalkanen: Gremmeniella abietina produces pycnidia in cankers of living shoots with green needles on Scots pine / Abstract

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