Silva Fennica : quarterly issues : 30(2–3) : sa3023361.htm

Valentin Strakhov & Anatoly Pisarenko. 1996.

Development and utilization of Russian forest resources

Silva Fennica 30(2–3): 361–371

A presentation based on the historical development of Russia is given in the form of an overview of the development of Russian forest resources, of the wood, non-wood, and biological aspects of the forest ecosystem. The list of non-wood forest resources includes resin, saps, oils, berries, wild nuts, mushrooms, hay harvesting, game animals, etc. The dynamics of the system are presented in the light of the data of the Forest State Account (FSA) of Russia for the period 1956–1993. The most significant changes in the dynamics of Russia’s forest resources are related to concentrated, large-scale wood harvesting operations. The dynamics of non-wood resources follow the process of the economic recession in all parts of the forest sector of Russia, the said recession having begun in the mid-1980s. The forests of Russia are considered to be of immense social and cultural value and a globally significant factor contributing to the sustainable development of forest resources.

Russian forest resources, forest uses, minor forest products, forest dynamics

All-Russian Research and Information Centre for Forest Resources, Novocheremuskinskaya 69 A, 117418 Moscow, Russia

Received 23 October 1995 Accepted 5 July 1996
ISSN 0037-5330