Kuva: (C) Metla/Kalle Kuvaaja

Structural scaling and competitive sharing of resources in dynamics of mixed tree stands

Name Work place Status Tasks
Risto Sievänen
Metla Team leader Coordination of experiments&modelling, cooperation with Canadian partner, leading work with LIGNUM (WP3), link of LIGNUM-ACROBAS (WP3)
Annikki Mäkelä UHE-FE Team member Supervision of work with ACROBAS, LIGNUM-ACROBAS link (WP3)
Pekka Kaitaniemi UHE-HY Team member Above-ground measurements, coordination with below-ground measurements (WP1, WP2)
Pekka Nygren UHE-FE Team member In charge of the root studies, coordination with above-ground work, (WP1, WP2)
Christian Messier GREFI Team member Supervision of work in Canada
Sylvain Delagrange GREFI Post doc Linking Canadian data to this study & models, (WP1, WP2, WP3)
Tero Kokkila UHE-FE Post grad Work with ACROBAS (WP3)
Jari Perttunen Metla Post grad Work with LIGNUM, LIGNUM-ACROBAS link (WP3)
Tuomo Kalliokoski Metla PhD student Below-ground measurements, thesis on testing allometric scaling laws & their role in the efficiency of resource capture (WP1, WP2)
Anna Vehanen UHE-HY PhD student Above-ground measurements, thesis on branching structure & testing allometric scaling laws (WP1, WP2)


Associated to Metla's project 3342

   Päivitetty:    25.11.2005 /Metla/SNen Metla : SSCS    Palaute Metlan etusivulle
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