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Optimization of the quantity and quality of wood raw material in forest management and industrial processes (PURO)

Research Consortium funded by the Foundation for Natural Resources in Finland

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University of Helsinki
Technical Research Centre of Finland
Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla


PURO Research Consortium is funded by the Foundation for Natural Resources in Finland


In a world of globalising markets, the Finnish forest industries are facing increasing competition from countries with more favourable climatic conditions and faster-growing tree species. The competitiveness of the Finnish forest cluster heavily relies on research and development that helps utilise the available resources more efficiently, and develop the potential resource base to satisfy longer-term policy objectives in a changing natural and social environment.

The Foundation for Natural Resources in Finland notified their 50th anniversary by funding the PURO project with a jubilee grant. PURO joins scientists from the University of Helsinki (UH), Metla, and VTT Building and Transport. It aims at developing an integrated framework for the analysis and management of the wood production and conversion chain. Special emphasis is on customer and product oriented optimisation of wood processing.

  Päivitetty:   30.6.2004/Metla/JSaa PURO :    Palaute Metlan etusivulle