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Back in 1995 I purchased this sailing yacht...

s/y Nixflu II

Design William Fife Jr.
Built 1923 in Gothenburg
Length 10,69 m
Width 2,11 m
Displacement 3,5 t
Sail area 43 m2
Class International 6mR

It is one of the oldest six meters yachts still sailing in Finland. The name of the class '6 m' tells us that the designer had to ajust the the measures of the yacht so that it would not exceed 6 m according to a given formula. This ensured that all six meters yachts could compete with each other without handicap.
...not more than 6 m
The designer of Nixflu – William Fife – has with all reason been called the father of the classical yacht. In the beginning he made huge yachts for the world's richest people only, but gradually the yachts became smaller in size and more suitable for ordinary people. Some of his numerous, great yachts are still sailing today, and some have even been restored to their previous glory. Fairlie restorations has taken on the job of preserving some of these classical beauties.
Nixflu is, however, maintained on a low budget. Small repaires are being done when funds and time allow it. It's being used for leisure sailing, with no competion goals what so ever.
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Updated 4.4.2007
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