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PEnA - Platform for Environmental Assessment

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PEnA in a nutshell

  • PEnA, is Metla’s initiative to develop open access data sets and tools for assessing the environmental performance of building materials, construction elements and buildings.
  • The environmental properties of wood - or any other construction materials - do not yet enter in building codes or decision making in construction. One of the reasons are that environmental data is not available with reasonable effort, but the question is also on lack of low entrance level tools with close integration to the design and decision making.
  • PEnA covers both research and application development . Research is needed on the life cycle impacts of building materials and the use of the buildings, and the possible uses of this information in decision making. Most of these issues are already studied independently, but a holistic approach to develop the environmental assessment of buildings has been missing thus far
  • PEnA application development is known as PEnA-Buildings. Currently two applications: PEnA-Db and PEnA-Calc are under development.
  • PEnA-Db is an open access LCI database of construction materials and activities. It is an independent platform facilitating conversion of LCI data to BIM, cost accounting or stand-alone applications in construction.
  • PEnA-Calc is a stand-alone application to assess the environmental impacts of building materials, construction elements or buildings, making use of PenA-Db.

  • PEnA-Db and Pena-Calc are currently under extensive testing.

PEnA Documentation:

PEnA-Buildings distribution

 • Publicly open www-service is still under construction. The interested users can have a copy of the distribution version. You need your own www and MYSQL server to install it.

 • If interested, plase contact Tarmo Räty, the coordinates are below. Please note that the distribution is a trial version. Stability and data storage is on your own responsibility.

Further information

Please contact:
D.Sc (Econ) Tarmo Räty
Phone (office): +358 29 532 5184

Credits & legal

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