From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Information Searching and Management

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The Metla information Service procures access to several dozen full-text databases of thousands of journals. These are obtained mainly through FinELib - the National Electronic Library (consortium) and some directly from publishers.

Most databases may be accessed from the Metla internal network. However, some licences may provide only restricted access through individual registration or through the Library staff, or specified workstations.

The information services covers the subject fields studied at the Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla, such as:

  • Forest economics, Forest inventory, Forest management planning, Forest statistics, Information systems;
  • Forest ecology and Forest production;
  • Silviculture and management of of forests environmental impact of forestry operations, multiple forest use;
  • Peatland forestry, Coastal forests, field afforestation techniques, bioenergy;
  • Forest genetics, Timberline problems, Forest regeneration;
  • Forest vitality and health, Heavy metal deposition, Nutrient status of peatland forests, Nutritional tree physiology, Underutilization of forest resources, Thinning techniques, Effect of forest regeneration practices on watercourse quality;
  • Forest structure, Forest soil research;
  • Forest genetics (general and biotechnology), Resistance breeding, Seed production research and testing;
  • Integration of different forest uses, stand growth modelling;
  • Seedling nursery and regeneration research, Tree ecophysiology and Forestry planning methods.

Although some of the information services can be liable to charges to outside clients, there are no additional charges within Metla. Our information specialists are happy to assist you

  • to find information on the subject of your research
  • to do efficient bibliographic searches and to manage your records
  • to find answers to reference inquiries
  • to get copies or loans from other libraries
  • to train Metla personnel in searching
  • to purhcase books and to subscribe journals
  • to access additional Finnish and foreign databases
  • to provide the most efficient keywords and classification (metadata) for your articles


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