From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Interlibrary lending and document supply service

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What is interlibrary lending?

The resources of the library network through interlibrary lending at your service

  • Interlibrary lending is cooperation between libraries.
  • Metla Library provides for the Metla personnel with information material that is not held locally, by ordering loans and photocopies from other libraries.
  • Correspondingly, interlibrary loans and photocopies from our own collections are sent to other libraries, but only concerning material from Metla publications which is usually available for interlibrary lending.
  • Journal articles are normally supplied as photocopies.
  • Special publications eg. theses and non-circulating books and journals may be obtained for reading room use.
  • Practices vary among libraries, and the terms of the supplying library shall be observed.
  • Interlending and document supply service can be liable to fees, according to the given service.

Please note, the library is currently undergoing large re-organization so we may not be able to serve outside customers. In that case we ask for patience or direct requests to university libraries, such as the Viikki Campus Library in Helsinki.

Please, send your Interlibrary loan or copy requests to Metla Library by using our ILL form.

  • The request should be clear and contain full information of the publication required.
  • Please, assign a deadline after which the material is no more needed.
  • Information of the requesting client (person or, e.g., the institution or project code) should be included in every request.
  • In favourable conditions, the requested item should be obtainable in a couple of weeks.
  • Addresses for interlibrary loan orders, incoming loans, internal invoicing, loans and copies to other libraries, invoicing

E-mail for ILL:

kaukopalvelu @

Mailing address for ILL:

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
PB 16

Billing address:

We accept only electronc invoices:
Free supplier registration and invoicing

Electronic invoice address:

Business ID 0244629-2 (FI02446292)
VAT nr: FI02446292

Please, use this subscriber info on the e-invoices:

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