From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Metla Information Service and Library

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The information Service runs a scientific library with printed and electronic collections. Most of new printed monographs are located in the staff offices. There remains a small main library consisting mainly of publications authored by our personnel and a collection of dissertations.

Opening hours: CLOSED due to moving to a new location in Vantaa. Later the library will open to non-Metla patrons only by requesting it in advance.
Service addresses
library @
kaukopalvelu @ - interlibrary loans
julkaisumyynti @ - publication sales
Arja Hyvärinen, information specialist
Head of information service
Collections and procurement
Jarmo Saarikko, knowledge specialist
eLibrary and digital archives
Mirva Kähkölä, information service assistant
Interlibrary loans service
Sales of Metla publications
Jukka Tuovinen
Phone: +358 29 532 2200
Mailing address
Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla
Information Service and Library
PB 18
Billing address:
We accept only electronc invoices:
Free supplier registration and invoicing
Electronic invoice address:
OVT-tunnus1: 003701245771
Service Provider (Itella): 003710948874
VAT nr: FI01245771
Please, use this Purchaser information on the e-invoices:
Finnish Forest Research Institute
Vantaa Unit
Information Service Hanke 101003
Visiting address
Jokiniemenkuja 1
01370 VANTAA
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GPS: Lat N 60 17' 30" Long: E25 03' 25"
WGS:25.057 - 60.2916
Branch libraries:
In addition to the main library located in Vantaa, there are a number of smaller branch libraries at regional units. These libraries serve primarily the researchers within the institute. However, part of the collections are available for other library users, too through interlibrary loan or by personal visit.
Rovaniemi - Mirva Kähkölä (google map)
Joensuu - Erja Koljonen
Parkano - Anita Hiltunen
Suonenjoki - Liisa Kylmälä

1 - maandatory, OVT-tunnus is the Finnish party identification number on eInvoices

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