From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Forestry collections

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Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) runs a scientific special library which provides services to the staff by procuring, saving and delivering literature needed in the research process, including both printed and electronic material. Most of the new printed books are positioned in the staff offices. The institute has three small libraries specializing in agriculture and forestry.

The forestry collections are located at Vantaa and Rovaniemi. 

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Opening hours

CLOSED, open only by request in advance.
The main library is open on weekdays 9-15 at Tietotie 2, 31600 JOKIOINEN.

Service addresses

kirjasto @ – library services
kaukopalvelu @ – interlibrary loans

Personnel at Vantaa and Rovaniemi

Jarmo Saarikko, senior specialist
Institutional repository, digital archives, metadata

Mirva Kähkölä, information service assistant
Interlibrary loans service

Mailing address

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) Vantaa
PB 18

Visiting address

Jokiniemenkuja 1
01370 VANTAA

Branch libraries

In addition to the main library located in Jokioinen, there are a number of smaller branch libraries at regional units. These libraries serve primarily the researchers within the institute. However, part of the collections are available for other library users, too through interlibrary loan or by personal visit.


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