Minutes of the Business and Board meeting of the

Biennial Meeting of the Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics

held in Gilleleje Denmark, 19-22nd of May 2010

Minutes of Meeting


The agenda had three main items:

  1. Formation of the Board for the next two-year period
  2. Consideration of needs for changes in work groups
  3. Discussion of potential for a CAR-application to the SNS within the SSFE working area
  4. AOB

Ad 1: Formation of the Board for the next two-year period

Several changes were expected in the Board. Hans Fredrik Hoen from Norway will soon start a three year terms as Rector of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Also, as Finland will be hosting the Biennial Meeting in 2010, the Finnish delegation wanted to set the team for that. Also in Denmark and perhaps Sweden changes were suggested.


In Finland, Anne Toppinen takes the seat in the Board and will therefore be the Chairman of the next Biennial Conference in Finland 2012. Heikki Pajuoja will take deputy seat to support Anne Toppinen in that effort. SSFE warmly thanks Riitta Hänninen for her time as deputy, ending this meeting.


In Norway, Sjur Baardsen takes the seat in the SSFE Board and Even Bergseng takes the Deputy seat. SSFE warmly thanks Hans Fredrik Hoen for his effort in the SSFE Board, including the 2008 meeting in Lom, and wishes him all the best in his new position.


In Sweden, Anders Roos continues in the SSFE Board. The deputy seat is held by Lars Lönnstedt, and Peichen Gong will be available as deputy to the deputy if needed.


In Denmark, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen continues in the SSFE Board for the next term. In the deputy seat, Niels Strange is replaced by Tove Enggrob Boon.

Ad 2: Consideration of needs for replacement

Following a brief evaluation, it was decided that Bo Jellesmark Thorsen should contact Ole Hofstad to ask if he would prefer replacement as Working Group coordinator, in which case Bo Jellesmark Thorsen should ask Jens Friis Lund if he would be willing to take on that task.


These decisions have both been implemented and Jens Friis Lund takes over the task. SSFE thanks Ole Hofstad for his time as WG coordinator.


The remaining WG coordinators continue.

Ad 3: Discussion of potential for a CAR-application to the SNS within the SSFE working area

As a follow up to the talk by Niels Elers Koch, the group discussed the option to apply for a Centre of Advanced Research under the SNS umbrella. It was the assessment by several that an application would have a great chance of obtaining funding, as the SSFE remains the strongest and most active network supported by the SSFE.


The topical design was discussed. It was generally agreed, that the wide array of topics within economics and related social sciences covered by the SSFE would seem to suggest that a successful CAR application should address a thematic issue of current relevance and wide enough to include a breadth of contributions likely from the four countries. Two such possible themes were suggested: “The economics of sustainable forest management” and “Forest economics of climate change”, but more may be thought of. The benefit to the SSFE group of such a CAR would be additional funding to enhance the cross country cooperation in and around current and coming research projects and research groups.


It was stressed that the application deadline is likely to be soon, though at the meeting it was unknown, as the homepage of the SNS did not mention such a deadline. Afterwards it was discovered that due to an error in the communication of SNS, the deadline has been postponed to 30th of June 2010. Thus, some time pressure exists.


Finally, it was discussed which country should coordinate the effort of making such an application, if possible. An issue pointed out was the distribution across countries of current CAR’s likely to re-apply. In Denmark two such CAR’s are coordinated: CAR-ES and CARe-FOR-US, and in addition it is currently rumoured that the GENE-CAR will move coordination from Norway to Denmark. This would imply that Norway coordinate no longer any CARs. Sweden holds the coordination of the OSCAR (forest engineering and logistics), whereas Finland coordinates PATHCAR (forest pathology).


As a consequence, it would be preferable if Norway, Sweden or Finland took the leadership in setting up a CAR application.

Ad 4: Any Other Business

No further topics were raised. The meeting was concluded and participants were urged to make good use of the nice weather, the beach and surroundings.