Minutes of the Business Meeting at the 25th SSFE-Biennial Conference

Lom, Norway, 9 April 2008

Minutes of Meeting
  1. Minutes
    Minutes taken by Bo Jellesmark Thorsen

  2. Mailing lists etc.

    Country and working group responsible members are encouraged to update mailing lists for their parts of the SSFE society and make them available for the SSFE homepage webmaster at METLA. The lists should be send to the webmaster’s e-mail address, cf. the homepage and cc to our colleague Jussi Leppänen at METLA too (jussi.leppanen @ metla.fi). The list will be available from the webmaster and used by the webmaster for distribution of relevant information among the SSFE members upon request from SSFE members.

    Members active in IUFRO working groups were asked to secure that the respective working group homepages includes links to the SSFE-network.

  3. The OSCAR network

    Heikki Pajuoja explained that the OSCAR network is concerned with improving forest operations and productivity in the forest sector. The network is one of the Centres of Advanced Research that SNS has established and it is coordinated by Dr. Magnus Thor from Skogforsk (magnus.thor @ skogforsk.se). Heikki encouraged members of SSFE interested in this field to contact the network and attend the next workshop of OSCAR in Copenhagen. There may be an option to submit relevant papers for the workshop.

  4. Communication on PhD-courses and relevant job openings

    PhD-courses are often elaborated and offered in an ad hoc fashion and irregularly throughout the SSFE-network. Unfortunately, it appears that information on such courses often have difficulties in finding its way to the PhD-students in the SSFE network. Members of the SSFE network are therefore encouraged to submit such information to the webmaster’s e-mail address, cf. the homepage and cc to our colleague Jussi Leppänen (jussi.leppanen @ metla.fi). The information will be put in the webpage and circulated using the abovementioned mailing lists.

    In a subsequent discussion it was also suggested that the mailing list may also be used for circulating relevant job openings at the SSFE members’ home institutions.

  5. The composition of the board, working groups and the next meeting

    The board during the period 2008-2010 will be:

    Denmark: Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, chair (deputy: Niels Strange)
    Finland: Heikki Pajuoja (deputy: Riitta Hänninen)
    Norway: Hans Fredrik Hoen (deputy: Sjur Baardsen)
    Sweden: Anders Roos (deputy: Lars Lönnstedt)

    The working groups and their co-ordinators during the period 2008-2010 will remain unchanged.

    Business Economics of Forestry & Forest Management and Planning: Niels Strange, Denmark
    Forest Policy: Jussi Leppänen, Finland
    Forest Industry & Forest Products Markets: Anders Roos, Sweden
    International Forestry (previously Tropical Forestry): Ole Hofstad, Norway

    The next meeting will be in Denmark 2010, and the aim will be to have the meeting in May, while still avoiding the 17th of May.

  6. Any other business

    Further information on the Proceedings to be elaborated from this conference is forthcoming and the final deadline for the papers will most likely be in the beginning of June. A smaller number of Proceedings will be printed and distributed among members and interested libraries. The Proceedings will be made available electronically through the webpage.

    As a follow-up on questions put forward it was stressed that publication in the Proceedings does not imply that SSFE will limit options for further scientific publishing of the paper. On the contrary this is encouraged as long as the alternative outlets are aware of the proceeding version, should it overlap significantly with the version submitted for scientific publication.


Hans Fredrik Hoen Heikki Pajuoja
Anders Roos Bo Jellesmark Thorsen