Biannual Meeting

May 12-15, 2004 in Järvenpää, Finland

Minutes of Meeting
  1. Dir. Heikki Pajuoja, the chair of the meeting, opened the session at 15.30 o'clock. Riitta Hänninen was appointed the secretary of the meeting.

  2. Election of the board and the coordinators of the working groups for 2004-2006 was as follows:

    The Board
    Sweden: Lars Lönnstedt and Anders Baudin (deputy).
    Denmark: Finn Helles and Carsten Smith Olsen (deputy)
    Norway: Hans-Fredrik Hoen and Sjur Baardsen (deputy)
    Finland: Heikki Pajuoja and Ritva Toivonen (deputy).

    Lars Lönnstedt will be the chair of the new board. Sweden is the host country for the next SSFE meeting in 2006.

    The new working groups and coordinators of the working groups:

    1. Business Economics of Forestry & Forest Management and Planning:
    Store Stördal, Norway
    2. Forest Policy: Jussi Leppänen, Finland
    3. Forest Industry & Forest Products Markets: Anders Baudin, Sweden
    4. International Forestry (previously: Tropical Forestry): Carsten Smith Olsen,

    Every country chooses also country-level co-ordinators for the working groups. It is also important that the board members update the lists of members in their countries.

  3. About the time tables of the SSFE sessions
    Heimo Karppinen told about the practical problems in arranging the program for research presentations in the working groups. It was thought, that the participation of working groups in program planning might help the process a lot. It was decided that a preliminary program would be circulated to board members during the planning process. The time available for each presentation were seen a bit too short and it was suggested that more time should be allowed for discussions in the next conference.

  4. Conference proceedings 2004 and web-pages
    The chair presented information on the forthcoming SSFE proceedings (to be published in the series: Scandinavian Forest Economics). It will be available in PDF-form in the internet in Metla's web-site. About 150 paper copies of the publication will be printed for the participants and for libraries. All the conference presentations (in PDF-form) will also be available in Metla's web-page. Deadline for papers to be included in the publication is 15.6.04 and no reviewing process is made for the texts. Articles must include less than 10 pages.The chair promised that the web-pages are updated and the info on the next meeting will also be included there.