Previous board members and co-ordinators


The Board (term 2004-2006)

  • Denmark: Finn Helles (Carsten Smith Olsen)
  • Finland: Heikki Pajuoja (Ritva Toivonen)
  • Norway: Hans-Fredrik Hoen (Sjur Baardsen)
  • Sweden: Lars Lönnstedt Anders Baudin). chair 2004-2006

Working Group co-ordinators (term 2004-2006)

Every country chooses also country-level co-ordinators for the working groups. It is also important that the board members update the lists of members in their countries.


Business Economics of Forestry & Forest Management and Planning
  • Store Stördal, Norway
Forest Policy
  • Jussi Leppänen, Finland
Forest Industry & Forest Products Markets
  • Anders Baudin, Sweden
International Forestry
  • Carsten Smith Olsen, Denmark

Past groups

Mulitple Use (has been joined with Forest Policy)
Tropical Forestry (has been joined with International Forestry)


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