Approved in Gilleleje, 23 May, 2002.
  1. Name
    The full name of the society is Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics, hereinafter referred to as the Society, and its acronym is SSFE.

  2. Objectives
    a) Promote co-operation between forest economists in the Nordic countries.
    b) Promote planning and accomplishment of common Nordic research in forest economics and closely related areas.
    c) Promote co-operation on common Nordic actions for higher education in forest economics and closely related areas.

  3. General assembly and ordinary meetings
    The ordinary meeting is arranged every second year. The plenary of members present at the ordinary meeting form the general assembly, which is the superior authority of the Society. The general assembly appoints a chairman in each meeting. All decisions are made by simple majority, with the exception of closure of the Society, cf § 7.

  4. Other meetings
    Working group meetings should be held in order to promote the objects of the Society on more distributed levels. The working group meet during the ordinary meetings, but should also meet on a more frequent basis.

  5. Membership
    Membership is open to forest economists in the Nordic countries. The General Assembly may exclude members that do not act in accordance with the bylaws.
    The board members are responsible for updating the list of members in their respective countries.

  6. The Board
    The general assembly elects the members and deputy members of the board for two years. It also appoints the chairman and his/her deputy. The chairman and three members form the board. Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden shall be represented in the Board. Each board member shall have a deputy from his/her country. The elections are anonymous (carried out using paper slips) and only names of members proposed by the general assembly are eligible. The chairman appoints a secretary.

    The board is responsible for the Society's activities between the general assemblies. It should seek to communicate with other relevant organisations, and it should meet within regular intervals, at least once a year.

    The board forms a quorum when at least three countries are present.

    The board presents its report for the general assembly.

    The board appoints editors of the Society's publications. When needed it also appoints editorial boards.

  7. Decisions regarding changes of amendments to these bylaws and decisions regarding closure of the Society may be made by the general assembly by qualified majority (2/3).