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National Forest Inventory (NFI)

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9th National Forest Inventory (NFI9)


The latest completed National Forest Inventory, the 9th NFI, was carried out in years 1996 - 2003. The field inventory was based on systematic cluster sampling and it proceeded region by region over the whole country as the three previous NFIs. During the NFI9, a part of the sample plots were established as permanent since remeasurements provide additional information about the changes taking place in forests.

In order to better meet the new information needs of forestry sector and other data users, new measurements concerning, for example, the biological diversity of forests, were included in the NFI9. Overall, the extensive field measurements included ca. 150 forest variables.

The results about the forest resources were produced by regional Forest Centres and published in different volumes of Metsätieteen aikakauskirja (in Finnish). The latest main results for the whole country are published annually in the Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry, and they are also available through Metinfo Forest information services.


Figure on the right . The years of the NFI9 field inventory in different regions of Finland.

Duration: 1995-2005

Project leader: Erkki Tomppo

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