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National Forest Inventory (NFI)

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11th National Forest Inventory (NFI11)



As NFI10, NFI11 is carried out in five years so that measurements are made in whole county each year. This makes combined use of the new data and recent NFI10 data possible, so that new results can be calculated already in 2011. Unlike in the NFI10, Northern Lapland will be measured in the NFI11.

The following changes were made compared to the NFI10:

  • In the sampling design, the number of temporary clusters was increased by 25 %. Number of plots in a cluster was decreased so that the total number of plots remained the same.
  • In forest stand level, growing stock is now described by strata of tree species and crown storey class. Mean characteristics are recorded for each of these strata. This improves evaluation of the current state and forthcoming development especially in young forests.
  • Trees are measured in all land use classes. Earlier they were measured only in forestry land and in forest and scrub land. Need for information about trees outside forests (ToF) arises mainly from carbon storage assessments.
  • Measurements for pan-european forest health monitoring are made along with NFI. In the same connection, more details were added to the description of forest damages in the NFI.

Details of the field measurements are described in the Field Manual (in Finnish, pdf 614 kB) and in the Appendices (in Finnish, pdf 2.3 MB).

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