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National Forest Inventory (NFI)

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10th National Forest Inventory (NFI10)


To meet the need for up-to-date forest information, two major changes were made in the NFI10 compared to the previous inventories:

  • the inventory cycle was decreased to 5 years from the 8-10 years of the previous NFIs, and
  • the sampling design was changed so that field plots are measured in the whole country each year.

The core of the NFI10 is field sampling. A systematic grid of clusters of sample plots is laid over the whole country. Field data will be collected in 2004 - 2008, during which all the sample plots are visited by field teams.

In field measurements, both forest stand and individual tree characteristics are described. For the forest stand where a plot is located, more than 100 variables are observed to describe the site, growing stock, damages and need for silvicultural operations. All the trees inside a plot are measured as well. The measured tree data is used for estimation of volume and increment of growing stock.

The results of the NFI10 will be published as traditional forest resource reports and through Metinfo forest information services (currently only in Finnish). Increasingly important format of NFI forest resource information is forest resource maps. The first results of the NFI10 for the whole country were available in summer 2006 and the first regional results in summer 2007 (see the media releases).

Duration: 2004-

Project leader: Kari T. Korhonen

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