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National Forest Inventory (NFI)

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Products and services


Forest statistics

The Finnish National Forest Inventory produces measurement based time series, statistics, maps, and publications on forest resources, forest ecosystem and condition of forests on regional and national levels. Examples of statistics are area distributions of land use classes and forestry land classes and area distributions by stand characteristics, such as site fertility, age, species, development classes and silvicultural quality. All these statistics are produced also by regions and by ownership categories.

Forest statistics for large areas, such as the Forestry Centres, provinces and the whole country, are based on the field measurements. Since the NFI9, statistics for the Forestry Centres have been published in the volumes of Metsätieteen aikakauskirja (mainly in Finnish). The most important statistics of forest resources are also published annually in the Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry.

In addition to these standard statistics, NFI results are presented in specific thematic reports and analyses. We also provide special calculations, elaborated statistics and custom surveys on request. One important use of the NFI data has been in the calculation of timber production scenarios for the National Forest Programme 2010.

Forest statistics for smaller areas are based on the multi-source NFI (MS-NFI), an inventory technology that combines field measurements, remote sensing data and other information sources, and produces inventory information for freely definable areas. The MS-NFI produces detailed forest statistics for Finnish municipalities and the results are available through Metinfo Forest information services. The available statistics include the following information:

  • Area by land use classes, dominant tree species, age and development classes.
  • Volume of the growing stock by tree species and timber assortments.


Thematic maps

In addition to the statistics, the results of the MS-NFI can be presented as thematic maps. Thematic maps are available for any user-defined area in Finland and both hardcopies and digital maps are available upon customer's request. Digital thematic maps can be easily incorporated to a modern GIS system and combined with other geo-referenced data and used for various purposes in forestry. Examples of operationally produced themes are mean volume (m3/ha) of the growing stock by tree species and timber assortment classes.

Figure. A map of the mean volume of the growing stock in Patvinsuo, North Karelia, produced by the
multi-source NFI (larger area: overview of the whole North Karelia (0.3 MB) in Eastern Finland).
Map elements: National Land Survey of Finland, permit 6/MYY/07.

Thematic map layers produced by the MS-NFI can be combined to create new layers for specific purposes. An example of this is a map of treatment needs in seedling and young stands that is based on the layers of tree height and proportions of tree species. Such a map can be used to get area estimates of treatment needs locally, e.g. within a Forest Management Association.

Figure. A map of treatment needs, based on the data produced by the multi-source NFI (to a map of a
larger area). Map elements: National Land Survey of Finland, permit 6/MYY/07.

Customer services and consulting

NFI team provides consulting services related to forest inventory systems both domestically and abroad. At the moment we are participating in inventory projects in Nepal, Vietnam and Tanzania.

Contact person for products and services: Sakari Tuominen

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