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Ecologically and economically sustainable forestry on drained peatlands (SUO)

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Duration: 1999 - 2003   Keywords: arginin, competition, cutting prerequisite, deficiency, diagnostics, drain network maintenance, drainage, environment, foliar analysis, forest management, forestry modelling and analysis, growing stock, growth model, harvesting, harvesting trace, leaching, logging, microbes, mire, mire forest, modelling, mycorrhizae, needle analysis, nitrogen, nutrient allocation, nutrient deficiency, nutrient imbalance, nutrient status, nutrients, nutrition, peatland, peatland forest, polyamine, productive value, profitability, returns, self thinning, simulation, site, soil, spatial data, stand structure, swamp, swamp forest, thinning, timber production possibilities, timber quality, trafficability, tree growth, yield


1.To find out the present state of peatland forests and evaluate the need for silvicultural and progressive forest management measures in peatland forests

2.To develop measures for increasing tree harvesting and usage of peatland forests by forest industry

3.To develop silvicultural and progressive forest management measures for maintaining and increasing the productivity of peatland forests in an ecologically and economically sustainable way without increasing environmental problems.

4.To work out alternative development forecasts for peatland forests

Director: Ahti, Erkki


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Updated 07.11.2015