Metla Research Programmes - Alternatives of silvicultural practices in forest management and their effects on forest production


Coordination of research program "Alternatives of silvicultural practices in forest management and their effects on forest production", 3278
    2000-2006, Hynynen Jari, VA
Decision support system for stand management, 3282
    2000-2006, Hynynen Jari, VA
Development of the forest property valuation methods, 3326
    2001, Hannelius Simo
Economic-ecological interactions in sustainable use of forest resources, 3318
    2001-2006, Tahvonen Olli
Effect of structural complexity on growth and yield of forest stands, 3279
    2000-2007, Valkonen Sauli, VA
LIGNUM model and its applications, 3342
    2002-2007, Sievänen Risto, VA
Management of Indigenous Tree Species for Ecosystem Restoration and Wood Production in Semi-arid Miombo Woodlands in Eastern Africa (MITMIOMBO), 8512
    2006-2010, Valkonen Sauli, VA
Management of uneven-aged Norway spruce and Scots pine stands, 3030
    1990-2000, Valkonen Sauli, VA
Natural forests: structure, dynamics and biodiversity as compared with managed forests, 3317
    2001-2006, Siitonen Juha, VA
Stand structure, copetition dynamics and site productivity in growth models, 3283
    2000-2005, Ojansuu Risto, VA
Stand treatment grounds. The compilation of study results., 3191
    1997-2001, Mattila Eero
Succession of virgin forest stands, 3124
    1993-2000, Isomäki Antti
Sustainable forest management in the coastal areas of Ostrobothnia, 3194
    1997-2001, Karlsson Kristian, KA
The effect of silvicultural negligence on structure and development of forest stands, 3281
    2000-2002, Lähde Erkki
The influence of the water budget on tree growth and site productivity in forests on mineral soils in Southern Finland, 3332
    2002-2006, Karlsson Kristian, KA
The prediction of the tree growth and quality in Betula pendula and Betula pubescens stands, 3226
    1998-2002, Niemistö Pentti, PA
Thinnings in forest management, 3280
    2000-2005, Niemistö Pentti, PA

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