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Biodiversity in the forest ecosystem (MOM)

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Duration: 1995 - 1999   Keywords: biodiversity, forest ecosystem, managed forests


The research program consentrates to study how the wood production practices affect the biological diversity in the managed forests. In order to get information about the natural succession and dynamics of the virgin forest ecosystems 400 permanent sample plots will be established in nature conservation areas in Finland and unmanaged forests in northern Russia.

A special project has been included to the national forest inventory for creating the nationwide measuring and monitoring system of biodiversity and special habitats. The recent changes in the forest plant occurrence is studied by comparing the data collected in earlier forest inventories to the last one.

Investigations have been started on the effect of the population fragmentation on the genetic composition of the rare broad-leaved tree species. Alternatives to traditional clear cutting, site preparation, and forest regeneration are studied by leaving and preserving solitary old decidious trees, hollow trees, decaying wood etc. on the clear cut area.

The effect of stand structure, cuttings and forest fragmentation to the species abundance are studied in several separate projects. Possibilities to use geographic information system (GIS) in forest planning and diversity preserving in landscape level as well as estimating the economic value of biodiversity are also research targets in the program.

Director: Annila, Erkki


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