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Research Programme:

Cost-efficiency and quality in silvicultural
operations (MKL) 2007–2011

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In Finland, use of wood has in recent years accounted for 85 per cent of the highest sustainable volume, and it seems that the amount of wood stocked in our forests is unlikely to lead to restrictions in future wood use. The future of Finland’s forestry and forest sector therefore depends on workable roundwood markets and a proactive approach to keep forest-owners interested in managing their forest estates.

The upward cost trend in silvicultural operations has undermined the profitability of investments in silviculture, and thus that of forestry as a whole. Given that the profitability of forestry can be deemed an incentive for efficient wood production, cost development also influences the supply of wood to the market. Moreover, it is vital that the cost-efficiency and quality of silvicultural operations be enhanced, since an increasing share of forest-owners are growing away from forestry, the forest labour force is declining, pressures persist to reduce and reallocate public investments in forestry, and the quality of timber constitutes an increasingly important competitive factor for domestic wood raw material.

Based on these scenarios, research and development related to silvicultural operations should focus on retaining forest-owners’ interest in engaging in forestry, increasing the productivity of silvicultural operations, developing business operations related to silvicultural operations and capitalising on the financial opportunities available in wood production and the related businesses.


Rantala, Juho
The Finnish Forest Research Institute
Suonenjoki Office, Juntintie 154
phone: +358 29 532 2111


cost-effective, cost-efficiency, forest work, forestry operations, quality control, silvicultural operations, silviculture






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