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Research Programme:

Functioning of forest ecosystems and use of forest
resources in changing climate (MIL) 2007 - 2011

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Research themes

The programme was started in the beginning of 2007. The program comprises of over 20 projects within the following three thematic areas:

Phenological studies – appearance of climate change in forests

The tasks of the studies include assessment of past growth variation in forests using long-term tree ring chronologies/needle trace chronologies from timber-line forests as well as data from the forest inventories.

Biological bases of forests and forest use in the changing climate

The tasks of the studies focus on examining the adaptability of tree species to future climate, and on assessment of risks for pest and pathogen outbreaks in future climate.

Forest economics and environmental economics in the changing climate

The tasks of the studies focus on climate policy tools that could be applied in forest sector related to carbon sequestration, and energy and material substitution.

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