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Forest ecosystem carbon and its economic implications

Program and extended abstracts

9:00 - 9:10 Welcome: Research Director Pasi Puttonen
9:10 - 9:40 Forest ecosystem carbon and its economic implications - summary of results R. Sievänen, Metla

Session: Pools of carbon and fluxes of GHG's in forests

9:40 - 10:10 Carbon stores in belowground and understorey biomass in forested mineral soils- relationships to site, stand and climate factors H-S. Helmisaari, Metla (extended abstract)
10:10 - 10:40 Carbon fluxes in deposition, soil water and litterfall in forested mineral soils - relationships to site, stand and climate factors A-J. Lindroos, Metla (extended abstract)
10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break
11:10 - 11.30 Regional variation of carbon in upland forest soils P. Tamminen, Metla (extended abstract)
11:30 - 11:50 Effects of forest management on GHG fluxes on peatlands K. Minkkinen, University of Helsinki (extended abstract)
11:50 - 12:10 Dynamics of litterfall and decomposition in peatland forests R. Laiho, University of Helsinki & T. Penttilä, Metla (extended abstract)
12:10 - 12:30 Soil GHG emissions and C pools in afforested agricultural fields J. Hytönen, Metla (extended abstract)
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

Parallel session I: Assessment of carbon dynamics

13:30 - 13:50 Reliability of biomass estimation at regional scale A. Lehtonen, Metla (extended abstract)
13:50 - 14:10 Controlling factors of the uncertainty of forest carbon sinks M. Peltoniemi, Metla (extended abstract)
14:10 - 14.30 Estimating biomass for boreal forests on mineral soils using ASTER satellite data P. Muukkonen, Metla (extended abstract)

Parallel Session II: Socio-economics of carbon sequestration

13:30 - 13:50 Economic analysis of carbon sequestration at stand level J. Pohjola, Metla (extended abstract)
13:50 - 14.10 Policy instruments for carbon sequestration and their impacts at forest level J. Uusivuori & J. Laturi, Metla (extended abstract)
14:10 - 14:30 Forest products in the climate policy: substitution and carbon storage K. Pingoud, Metla
14:30 - 15:00 Coffee break

Session: Global and European views

15:00 - 15:45 National greenhouse gas systems versus the European terrestrial C balance: science & policy
Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Alterra, Netherlands
15:45 - 16:30 A Global Perspective on the Economics of Sequestering Carbon in Forests Brent Sohngen, Ohio State University, USA

16:30 - 18:00 Poster session

Posters and extended abstracts of posters

Soil greenhouse gas emissions from afforested cutaway peatlands. Aro L, Potila H, Laine J, Mäkiranta P& Minkkinen K (posterabstract)

Carbon dynamics on a mire with drainage nutrition gradients. Hartman M., Karsisto M. & Kaunisto S. (posterabstract)

Development of soil carbon stocks following clear-cutting and regeneration in Finland: a chronosequence study.
Ilvesniemi H, Starr M, Tamminen P (posterabstract)

Plant litter and its relevance in forest soil C cycling. Hilli S, Stark S, Salemaa M, Derome J (posterabstract)

Carbon stocks and carbon fractions in the organic layer (F + H) of forest soil. Hilli S, Stark S, Salemaa M, Derome J (posterabstract)

The methodology used in year 2005 for greenhouse gas inventory of finnish forest soils. T Kareinen, R Sievänen, H Ilvesniemi, T Penttilä, A Lehtonen, M Peltoniemi (posterabstract)

Moss litter decomposition in peatlands: Rates of moss loss. Laiho R, Karsisto M, Repo S,Kitunen V, Savitski M, Laine J, Penttilä T (posterabstract) R Laiho, T Penttilä

Root system carbon pools in northern peatland forests: Effects of stand density manipulation. Laiho R, Penttilä T

Development of Methanogen Communities During a Primary Succession of Mire Ecosystems. P. O. Merilä, P.E. Galand, H. Fritze, E.-S. Tuittila, K. Kukko-oja, Laine, J1., K.Yrjälä (posterabstract)

Trace metal accumulation in Finnish peat bogs with known pollution history. T M. Nieminen , L Ukonmaanaho , N Rausch , W Shotyk (posterabstract)

Above- and belowground biomass of boreal understorey vegetation. Salemaa, M., Derome, J., Hamberg, L., Helmisaari, H-S.& Hilli, S. (posterabstract)

Biomass estimates of boreal dwarf shrubs in relation to their percentage cover and the number of samples. Salemaa, M., Hamberg, L., Hilli, S.& Derome, J. (posterabstract)

Evaluation of a linked stand growth and decomposition model with stand level measurements. R. Sievänen, H. Ilvesniemi, Mike Starr (posterabstract)

Effects of management on stand level carbon stocks: a simulation study. Sievänen R., Pohjola J., Siipilehto J., Hynynen J., Liski J. (posterabstract)

Tree biomass and soil C densities and stocks for the Hietajärvi intergrated monitoring catchment in eastern Finland.
Starr M & Hartman M (posterabstract)

Recent organic matter accumulation in ombrotrophic peat bogs exposed to heavy metal load.
Ukonmaanaho L, Nieminen T, Rausch N & Shotyk W. (posterabstract)

Branch litter quality and decomposition in drained peatlands predicted by IR spectroscopy. P Vávrová, T Penttilä, M Karsisto and R Laiho (posterabstract)

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