From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Research and development programme:

Forests and water (H2O) 2013-2017

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Effects of forest management on hydrology and water quality

Metla/Markku Saaarinen.

  The effects of forest management operations on hydrological conditions and water quality in Finland are known.

- The effects of and need for ditch network maintenance

- The effects of forest regeneration and stump removal on drained peatlands

- Those of forest management on acid sulphate rich soil sites and ground water areas.




Gradual implementation of restoration measures - a novel method to decrease nutrient export from restored peatland forests
(2013–2013, Mika Nieminen)

Hydro- and biogeochemical consequences after whole-tree harvesting in drained peatland forests
(2013, Liisa Ukonmaanaho)

Impacts of terrestrial organic matter loading on lake food webs and human health Challenges for environmental regulation- TERLA (2012–2016, Sirpa Piirainen)

Leaching of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus from forest land in the Nordic and Baltic countries
(2011–2013, Leena Finér)

Monitoring nutrient export from forestry areas
(2013–2014, Leena Finér)

Need for ditch network maintenance in drained peatlands and the effects on water courses and timber production at forest owner and regional scale
( 2013–2017, Hannu Hökkä)

Phosphorus export from restored peatland forests
(2012–2013, Mika Nieminen)

Soiden ennallistamisen vaikutus fosforin vapautumiseen (2013), Mika Nieminen)

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