From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Research and development programme:

Forests and water (H2O) 2013-2017

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The expertise of the researchers working in the H2O-programme


Effects of forest management on hydrology and water quality

Photo: Metla/Erkki Oksanen.

Senior Researcher Hannu Hökkä
- The effects of and need for ditch network maintenance, growth and yield of peatland forests.

Researcher Mika Nieminen
- Restoration of peatlands. Impacts of clear-cutting of peatland forests on element fluxe.

Researcher Tiina Nieminen
- Acid sulfate soils and water protection.

Researcher Sirpa Piirainen
- Ground water, loads on water bodies. Impacts of forest management on ground water clear-cuttings and nutrient fluxe.

Researcher Liisa Ukonmaanaho
- Hydro- and biogeochemical consequences after whole-tree harvesting on drained peatland forests.

Researcher Martti Vuollekoski
- The effects of and need for ditch network maintenance, monitoring of element loads to water courses.


Hydrology in boreal forests and changing climate factors

Researcher Samuli Launiainen
- Forest hydrology, water footprint.

Researcher Mikko Peltoniemi
- Hydrology in boreal forests and changing climate factors, modeling impacts of climate change on forests.

Researcher Tapani Repo
- Fysiological responses of trees to flooding, freezing and drought.

Practical tools

Researcher Ari Lauren
-Development of hydro-geochemical modes.

Researcher Jori Uusitalo
- Development of tools for the planning of timber harvesting on sensitive sites.

Transfer of knowledge and expertise to customers

Programme director, professor Leena Finér
- Nutrient pools and fluxes, monitoring element loads to water course.

Professor Raija Laiho
- Peatland forestry, cycling of organic matter and nutrients in peatland ecosystems, effects of water level drawdown in peatland ecosystems, monitoring element loads to water course.

All researchers of the H2O-programme.

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