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Distinct projects - Forest-based enterprise and business activities (ELI)

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Duration: 2006 - 2014   


Profitable and competitive forestry, forest industry and other forest-based sources of livelihoods that provide employment and enhance economic growth and regional development.

This research priority produces and disseminates information on the grounds and provides options for timber production and other uses of forests, on the properties of wood as a raw material, and on the competitive edge involved in forest-related enterprise and business activities. The main focus of research is on the ecological and economical sustainability of forest use.

Core expertise

Topical research targets

Important research topics include the silvicultural methods, physical and chemical characteristics of wood, logistics and procedural methods of harvesting, biotechnology and its applications, timber trade and industry including the new forms of enterprise, the new sources of livelihood, such as nature and recreational tourism, profitability of timber production, operational performance of forest management and the timber market, forest energy and wood as building material.

Contacts Paavilainen, Leena
The Finnish Forest Research Institute > Luke, Vantaa Unit, PO Box 18 (Jokiniemenkuja 1), FI-01301 VANTAA, FINLAND,
phone +358 29 532 2111, e-mail


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