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Distinct projects 1 - Structure and function of forest ecosystems (EK1)

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Duration: 2006 - 2014   


The knowledge of the structure and function of forest ecosystems is the basis of sustainable use of forests.

This research priority produces and conveys information on the impacts of human activities and natural factors on the structure and function of forest ecosystems. It also promotes the ecological approach in wood industry and the alternatives in forest use. The main focus of research is on the ecological sustainability of forest use.

Core expertise

Topical research targets

Important research topics include forest development dynamics, forest tree function and output in changing environmental conditions, dispersion and prevention of forest damage, genetic characteristics of forests and forest breeding, biological diversity, the impacts of climate change on forests, and environmental impacts of forestry.

Contacts Kolström, Taneli
The Finnish Forest Research Institute > Luke, Joensuu Office, PO Box 68 (Yliopistokatu 6), FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND,
phone +358 29 532 2111, e-mail


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