From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Research Programme:

Bio-energy from forests (BIO) 2007–2011

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Background and challenges

The price of energy products has increased constantly and the availability of especially oil on global markets is under constant political and economical pressures. The evidence of the effects of the use of fossil fuels on climate change is also obvious, end the needs of greenhouse gas emission reductions increase the value of renewable energy gained from forests.

In recent years the use of logging residues and trees harvested in thinnings for energy production has increased rapidly and according to the national forest policy in Finland, even higher annual energy wood harvesting is set as a goal for coming years.

The new forestry products need new types of technological solutions and production chains and the new markets need to be analyzed at local, national and global scales. The ecological constraints need to be taken into account in the energy wood production.

The technology and logistics of energy wood harvesting, the economy of production chains and the ecological effects, as well as development of novel fuel products are studied are included within this research program. The analysis of the profitability of different stand treatment methods on can be largely based on data available from long term field experiments and models available in Metla, which are now reanalyzed for the needs of bio-energy research.

The studies carried out within the Bioenergy from forests program are merged with the studies to be started within the climate-change program.


The program provides detailed information on the impacts of energy wood harvesting on forests, new harvesting models and wood supply chains. New energy products will be developed and information for decision making for forest owners, national forestry planning and forest industry is produced.


The program will be lead by a coordinator assisted be a steering committee. The members of it will be representatives of the main users of information, stakeholders and scientific community.


The approximate extent of the program is estimated as 30–50 scientist years/year of permanent and other staff. Projects of the program will do active (national and international) cooperation with projects and programs at Metla, universities, other research institutes and industry.


Asikainen, Antti
The Finnish Forest Research Institute
Joensuu Office, PL 68
phone:+358 29 532 3250
e-mail: antti.asikainen @

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